I started this adventure in October of 2009. I have always wondered why the large UFO organizations do not have photos of UFO's on their site. I was growing tired because I would have to go to 10 different UFO web sites to see the few photos they had available. This is when I decided to collect all of the good UFO photos on one site. I have devoted much time and effort to make this site the best and biggest in the world. I had my first sighting in 1974 and have been looking to the sky ever since. 6 sightings later and a Close Encounter at the back gates of Area 51 has inspired me to be a Chief Investigator for MUFON. I am now averaging over 230,000 log-ons a month and the figures are rising. I dedicate this site to you and the many Ufologist who inspire us to find out the truth about Flying Saucers.  E-MAIL ME AT NEWDISCOVEREIS51@GMAIL.COM ...SEND ALL DONATIONS TO KEN PFEIFER  703 SWEDESBORO RD MONROEVILLE NEW JERSEY 08343

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